Our Services

At BMC Competitions Department Ltd, we don't just supply quality parts, we make and fit them too!
We offer the following services, for race/rally or fast road car.


Because our standards are high, we only use the best parts available, proved through endless competition. We can build engines to period specification for that ex-works owner, or we can bring things right up to date, building competitive engines to comply with current regulations.

We offer a Rolls Royce balancing facility, to ensure a smooth and efficient engine build. We specialise in Historic FIA cars, but also can live in modern times, with our BMW Rally Mini.


We have in-house facilities to rebuild any body shell. Whether you want it as standard, or seam-welded with cage installed, we can do it!
We also have facilities to once the body is finished, a great paint finish is applied (remove this sentence).


Once again, we can keep things standard, or heavily modified. The choice is yours? We have produced race/rally modifications recently to A35/ MG/ Mini's & Ex Works TR8's, all in the last 12-months.


We have our own in house motor-sport auto electrician. He can work in the old type copper cable looms, or the latest aircraft specification harnesses, made to customers requirements. This can also been seen in our own competition cars.


As for all of us, time is crucial. We can therefore build a complete car from scratch, or modify and fit to customers’ requirements. We have many a happy customer!

Brakes & Plumbing

We can offer one off brake/fuel pipes to be made up in situ. This includes all fittings for brakes and fuel systems. These pipes will meet current historic regulations.


If it can't be found, we can make it! We aim not to be beaten when parts are hard to find. We have a full C.N.C workshop to hand that have made those really tricky bits over the years, and keep the older cars running with a modern know how! This is most useful when looking for that extra confidence on your competition car.